In Memory

Aleksander Kvam

Aleks, my fun and loving husband, had a passion for life that was as vast as the ocean. His dream was to swim with the gentle giants of the sea, the whale sharks. Sadly, he never got the chance to do this. 

In his memory, we are supporting a cause close to his heart - the protection and study of these magnificent creatures. As his ashes will be scattered in the ocean, he will hopefully be able to tick one last thing on his bucket list.

By donating, we honor Aleks' love for the marine world, help safeguard the future of sharks & rays and allow his spirit of adventure to live on. Join us in celebrating Aleks' life by contributing to this noble cause and keeping his dream alive.

Izzy Kvam

You can donate using the button below. Alternatively, you can adopt a Whale Shark. This supports Whale Shark research in the Maldives.

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