We’re thrilled to be working with Big Wild Thought to further shark conservation!

Based in Yorkshire, this creative duo are combining their love of design and animals, creating a beautiful range of clothing, accessories and prints. All of which benefit nature.

With 8 different animal designs to choose from, and a percentage of every sale being donated to animal charities, wildlife-fans can wear and care at the same time.

And we’re so excited because this month Big Wild Thought have added two new shark designs to their collection - the Shortfin Mako (one of our No Limits? campaign species) and the Smooth Hammerhead - to help raise funds for our work.

We love animals and we hate seeing the impact us as a species are having on them, so we wanted to get involved with amazing charities and support them as much as we can! - Big Wild Thought

In addition to their incredible designs, Big Wild Thought:

  • Use packaging that’s made from recycled materials. All of which are recyclable.
  • Include a fun information card about your animal with every order.
  • Donate 10% of every sale to charity.

► You can check out their latest shark designs at www.bigwildthought.co.uk