By Paul Cox - Shark Trust Managing Director

Arriving on our desk at the end of 2020, the latest book from Dave Ebert and Marc Dando is a delight. Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of Europe and the Mediterranean is comprehensive, detailed and beautifully illustrated.  

This book is the definitive field guide to the sharks, rays, and chimaera of Europe and the Mediterranean. It features hundreds of colour illustrations by one of the world’s foremost shark illustrators and covers all 146 species. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, habitat, biology and status. Every species account comes with a colour distribution map, a depth guide, at-a-glance icons and colour illustrations.   

As well as the species pages, the book offers a solid introduction to shark, ray and chimaera biology and the ecology of European seas. And, of course, there’s a large section on conservation. The Shark Trust’s Ali Hood has produced a brilliant overview of the state of play, progress and future challenges. Including a useful guide to the various international and regional agreements, regulatory bodies and resources.   

My personal favourite is the 7 pages on the subject of dentition. It’s all you ever need to know about shark (and ray) teeth. There’s even an introduction to eggcases.  

Definitely recommended for professional shark scientists and amateur shark enthusiasts alike. 


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