We’re really excited to be launching the Great Eggcase Hunt in Australia! In partnership with @CSIRO, we're calling on citizen scientists to find & record eggcases washed up around the Australian coastline or those seen by divers.

The Great Eggcase Hunt is suitable for all ages and everyone from the occasional beachgoer to seasoned beachcombers and divers can get involved. We hope that the new series of eggcase identification guides will inspire even more people to get out and about in search of mermaid’s purses and that the project proves as popular in Australia as it does in Europe!

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Some have a smooth, simple appearance. Others have ridges or keels. Some have curling tendrils that anchor them to kelp or coral. Some even have corkscrew-shaped eggcases!

Check out the diversity of species in our brand-new identification resources created in collaboration with @CSIRO

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Banner image: Chimaera eggcase © CSIRO