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The secret lives of silky sharks: Unveiling their whereabouts supports their protection

1st August

Armed with a pair of small action cameras and baited to attract predators, BRUVS are suspended at 10m depth and drift with ocean currents. Video analysts review the footage to identify, count and measure all observed animals.

New Genetic Study Finds Reef Manta Rays Stay Close To Home

1st August

The groundbreaking genetic study has shed light on the unique and isolated populations of manta rays here, with the findings revealing that these creatures exist in separate island-specific groups

Megalodon: the superpredator that ate its siblings in the womb

2nd August

New research is even providing insights into how these creatures may have lived, hunted and fed.

Scientists reveal the depths silvertip sharks go in search of food

25th August

New research has revealed the depths warm water-loving reef sharks will go in their search for food, after an international team of scientists tracked silvertip sharks diving as far as 750m below the ocean's surface.

How sharks behave before hurricanes may be able to teach humans lessons, research shows

28th August

Many small sharks move to deeper, calmer waters ahead of major hurricanes. Their movements could help researchers learn about a severe storm sooner.

Rare Angel shark found washed up on beach in North Wales

28th August

Considered to be one of the world's rarest sharks, Angel sharks are classified as critically endangered. However, sightings over recent years suggest that a small population is living off the Welsh coast, including one on an Abersoch beach in Pen Llyn.

Why did a rare smalltooth sand tiger shark appear in Irish waters?

31st August

On three occasions this year, smalltooth sand tiger sharks (Odontaspis ferox) have either washed up or been spotted in Irish and British waters

Banner Image: Laura Storm