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Saving Sharks – What Now?

13 December

Following from the recent global assessment of >1000 species of shark and ray and its findings that overfishing is driving over 1/3 of these species toward a global extinction crisis, it could seem like we’re facing a lost cause. But scientist, conservationists, and advocates reveal clear policies and steps forward that bring hope for the future.

Protecting Shark Populations in South Africa

10 December

With 191 species of shark, skate, ray, and chimaera found in its waters, South Africa is rightly known as a hot spot for cartilaginous fishes. With over 30% of these sharks threatened with extinction, researchers and local communities are joining together to find more effective ways of conserving shark populations. Including the development of Marine Protected Areas (MPA). Find out more about the benefits, and challenges of utilising MPAs to protect sharks and rays in the Western Cape.