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These Boots – Sorry, Fins - Were Made For Walking

5th December

Sharks have roamed the world’s oceans for millions of years. Most of it has been swimming up and down our water column, yet a select few have decided to learn to ‘walk.’

Discovered in the deep: the extraordinary sawshark with a weapon-like snout

7th December

Until recently, scientists knew of eight species of sawshark, including one that has six gill slits in the side of its body. “This is unusual among sharks,” says Weigmann – as most sharks have five gill slits. With the help of fishers in Madagascar and Tanzania, two more species of sixgill sawsharks have come to light.


8th December

The world’s largest fish had never been reported as visiting the Mediterranean Sea until yesterday (8 December) – when a whale shark caught in a tuna trap in the Strait of Gibraltar was released by scuba divers.

Banner image: Alex Mustard