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First map of Important Shark and Ray Areas released

7th February

The Important Shark and Ray Areas (ISRA) project has released the first electronic atlas of priority areas for sharks, rays, and chimaeras (also known as ‘ghost sharks’). Sharks and rays are some of the most threatened vertebrates on Earth, and are in desperate need of new and improved management. The ISRA project uses the best available science to identify regions across global waters most critical for the long term survival of sharks, rays, and chimaeras. These include places where species of concern mate, reproduce, feed, rest, or aggregate as well as key stopovers during a migration.

Costa Rica bolsters hammerhead  export ban with new prohibitions on capture, retention, transshipment, storage & sale of 3 species

10th February

Fishing for hammerhead sharks is now illegal in Costa Rica, thanks to the signing of a new executive decree this month by President Rodrigo Chaves Robles.

Hi-tech is making the seas transparent

16th February

Researchers at James Cook University who paired a revolutionary method for detecting fish with freely available ecological data believe the technique could transform environmental science.

Post-release survival of Shortfin Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus) and Silky (Carcharhinus falciformis) Sharks

27th February

Sharks were tagged in a manner by which vessels routinely handled sharks during normal fishing operations to reflect realistic outcomes from fishing activities. The effects of handling and release on survival rates were evaluated, with the intention of identifying methods that maximize PRS.