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This prehistoric shark with ‘fangs’ was top predator just after dinosaurs died

8th February

Scientists have discovered a new shark species in Alabama that had needle-like fangs and became one of the ocean’s top predators after the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Cyprus designated a danger area for angel sharks

8th February

Cyprus has been recognised as a priority area for angel sharks, with all three Mediterranean species listed, but facing serious threats, according to Enalia Physis environmental research centre.

The Hidden Effects Of COVID-19 Lockdowns On Shark Populations

17th February

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, the lockdown measures imposed by nations worldwide inadvertently provided scientists with a unique opportunity to study the effects of reduced human activity on wildlife. For scientists studying sharks, this presented an unprecedented opportunity to observe how these creatures responded to the sudden absence of human presence.

Rare and threatened shark found in the Roper River for the first time

19th February

The Speartooth Shark or Glyphis glyphis is a rare species of river shark that inhabits only a small number of tropical rivers and adjacent marine waters in northern Australia and southern Papua New Guinea.