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New Angel Shark Species Identified in Panama

24 January

Scientists have identified a new species of angel shark found on the upper continental slope off the Caribbean coast of Panamá. Distinguishing characteristics and genetic analysis helped to separate Squatina mapama from Squatina david, a closely related species also found in the region. This makes Squatina mapama the fourth new angel shark species to be identified in the Western Atlantic in the last decade. For the full paper visit here.

New Species of Catshark From Japan

20 January

Another new species of shark…this time a catshark! This newly described species belongs to the Scyliorhinus genus and was identified from the islands of Mikurajima, Hachijojima, and Torishima in southeastern Japan. As with the discovery of the new species of angel shark, scientists used distinctive physical characteristics alongside DNA analysis to verify Scyliorhinus hachijoensis as a new species.

Tiger Shark Migration Routes Altered by Climate Change

14 January

A recent study by a team of scientists from University of Miami has revealed warming ocean temperatures is altering the timings and locations of Tiger Shark migration in the Northwest Atlantic. Analysis of satellite tagging and environmental data over the span of nine years uncovered a poleward expansion in migration patterns. These findings have implications for the conservation of this Near Threatened shark.