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Shark & ray meat consumption no longer restricted to India’s tribal & coastal peoples

8th January

The meat of sharks and rays, for long consumed by tribal and coastal people in India, has found favour among new demographic categories such as foreign tourists and Indian middle- and upper classes. This could lead to more unsustainable fishing of shark species, imperiling them in what is already the world’s third biggest exploiter of sharks and rays.

What Is Happening To Ghana’s Endangered Sharks?

11th January

Sharks and rays make up a key part of the diet and livelihood in parts of Ghana—now researchers want to know more about these little-studied species.

World’s First Sighting Of A Newborn Baby Great White Shark Off California

29th January

Despite their major role in the ecosystem (and our psyche) little is known about great whites’ reproduction and the lives of their young. While using a drone to film sharks (the safest, as well as the fastest, way to find them) off Carpinteria, California, filmmaker Carlos Guana and of California Riverside PhD candidate Phillip Sternes spotted a young great white. At an estimated 1.5 meters (5 feet) long, the shark was about the expected length for a newborn. This one lived up to its name, being truly white.