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Basking sharks in Ireland to receive protected status

3rd March

Ireland is to protect basking sharks in its waters following a major public campaign

WCS Launches New Visual ID Guide to Identify Illegal Shark Products

7th March

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) launched a new, visual identification tool to enable trade inspectors and customs officials to quickly identify and seize illegally obtained or traded shark products. The resource is being made available to all CITES governments as they gather for the meeting of the Convention’s Standing Committee in Lyon, France

How Do Sharks Sleep? With Both Eyes Open, Scientists Discover

8th March

A study from the School of Life Sciences at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, and the Institute of Marine Science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand has shown that sleep in sharks differs from mammals more significantly than originally thought.

Greenland shark found in Cornwall

16th March

An extremely rare Greenland shark, which was found in Cornwall yesterday, could have lived for hundreds of years. The fascinating animal was first spotted on a beach at Newlyn Harbour near Penzance. It was an incredible find for wildlife lovers, as Greenland sharks are very rare. In fact, it was only the second time one has been located in UK waters.

Scientists get inventive to reveal secret social lives of great white sharks

23rd March

Great white sharks around Mexico's Guadalupe Island sometimes hang out with each other—and while it's not a popularity contest, some might just be a little more social than others.