Our selection of top shark stories, highlighting the latest news and discoveries from around the world...

High seas treaty: historic deal to protect international waters finally reached at UN

5th March

After almost 20 years of talks, United Nations member states agree on legal framework for parts of the ocean outside national boundaries

A new member joins the Angel Shark Project's growing family, welcome Angel Shark Project: Ireland!

6th March

The project aims to focus on one of Ireland's most threatened species with the hope to safeguard the species for future generations. The Angelshark (Squatina squatina), which is often locally called monkfish, is a species of flat shark.

Scientists Say Almost Nothing Is Known About The Tiger Shark In South Atlantic Waters

13th March

The tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) is one the most recognizable of the shark species, but even it has a few secrets of its own. Turns out almost nothing is known about the tiger shark in South Atlantic waters!

500 baby sharks to be released: An exclusive look at an unprecedented mission

17th March

A team spanning 15 countries is raising endangered sharks from aquariums and reintroducing them to the wild, starting in Indonesia. It's never been done at this scale, but experts think the plan might work.

Some marine reserves are unintentionally helping coastal sharks thrive

17th March

New Zealand has 44 marine reserves in its territorial waters. All are no-take zones: no fishing of any kind and no resource extraction. Though intended to protect overfished species—snapper, blue cod, spiny lobster, for instance—the reserves likely provide cover for a range of other species, including sharks

Tearing up the obituary for a lost wedgefish

18th March

Peter credits the recent location of the rare and relatively unknown clownfish wedgefish to searching social media posts of wedgefish catches. But his focus now is ground-truthing where this species occurs in the wild, and what habitat it uses. 

1st Basking Shark of the season in the South-West spotted

23rd March

A huge shark has been spotted swimming inside a Cornish harbour. The basking shark was described as "absolutely massive" by a stunned holidaymaker and can be seen wading around just meters from the beach on video.

Studying Whale Sharks in the Galapagos with Underwater Ultrasound and Blood Sampling

23rd March

The Marine Megafauna Foundation are very happy to share a new scientific paper, published today in Endangered Species Research (free to read), that describes two shiny new research techniques: the use of underwater ultrasound to study the reproduction of free-swimming whale sharks, and how we can collect blood samples from these same whale sharks in the wild. 

Rather Than Hunting For Chocolate Eggs This Easter, Try Shark Eggs

24th March

Kids will soon be unleashed into backyards to find eggs left behind by the Easter bunny. But instead of collecting the same old egg this year, how about collecting something different?