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November holds much promise for sharks with two high profile international meetings running simultaneously! We’re determined to see the overfishing of Atlantic Shortfin Mako brought to a halt, and sustainable limits implemented for Blue Sharks through the annual meeting of the Atlantic high seas management body -ICCAT - who’re meeting in Portugal. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic in Panama, the CITES Conference of Parties (CoP19) will tackle the trade in endangered species – with 4 proposals addressing over 60 species of shark and ray on the table.  Keep an eye on our social platforms for updates and calls to action!

Tiger Sharks Help Scientists Uncover World’s Largest Seagrass Ecosystem

1st November

While reviewing footage from camera-equipped tiger sharks throughout the Bahamas, Dr. Austin Gallagher, founder of the non-profit ocean research organization Beneath the Waves (BTW), learned that these sharks were spending significant time in seagrass habitats.

Citizen scientists invited to ‘plunge’ into Welsh waters to help research rare aquatic species

8th November

Ocean lovers of all ages are being invited to dive into marine conservation and watch life under the
waves in Wales – to help marine scientists understand the aquatic species that call the country’s
coastline home.

The call to action is the latest from Project SIARC (Sharks Inspiring Action and Research with
Communities) a collaboration led by ZSL (Zoological Society of London) and Natural Resources Wales
(NRW) designed to further understand the rare sharks, skates and rays living in the area, with the
help of fishers, communities and researchers across Wales - and now citizen scientists across the

Historic Shark & Ray Listings at CITES CoP19

25th November

All four proposals to list ~100 additional sharks & rays on Appendix II of the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) have received the final approval for adoption at the closing session at the CITES Conference of Parties in Panama!

Sharks and songbirds get new trade protections

27th November

Songbirds and sharks have received what conservationists say are vital new trade protections.

Several shark species and two songbirds were added to a list of species whose trade is restricted to prevent them being "traded to extinction".