Help us tackle one of the world's most pressing shark conservation crises: the dangerous decline of Atlantic Shortfin Makos.

Over the past couple of months, we've been busy organising an EU Mako Shark Rally, which took place last week (20 April).

This saw over 50 EU conservation groups from more than 16 Member States come together to coordinate action ahead of key decision dates for Atlantic Mako Sharks.

We know: Atlantic Mako are seriously overfished. And that the EU takes the lions share. Yet, the EU has repeatedly blocked adoption of the management option advised by scientists: no retention, no exceptions.

ICCAT Scientists have warned about makos’ vulnerability for more than a decade. 2021 marks 4 years since their first specific recommendation for a North Atlantic retention ban.

In 2017, ICCAT adopted a complicated suite of mako fishing restrictions that fell far short of this advice. In 2019, ICCAT scientists demonstrated these measures were inadequate to stop overfishing - much less allow recovery - and underscored previous advice. Since then, ICCAT’s been debating extra steps but has failed to reach an agreement.

The next meeting takes place this July. Providing another key opportunity for ICCAT to heed scientific advice. And this year we're more determined than ever to make this happen...

Along with our Shark League partners, we created the Rally4Makos campaign to inform and equip NGOs and individuals to send a clear message to their Ministries and the European Union: put science at the heart of shark conservation.

The Rally was a huge success and supported by video messages from Canada and UK Ministers, and Senegal. All nations championing mako, and reconfirming their commitments!

The upcoming weeks are critical for creating positive change for Makos. As this is when ICCAT Parties consider their positions in preparation for the proposal deadline (14 May) and formal negotiations (6-8 July). To ensure a win for Mako, Parties (particularly the EU and US) need to be convinced to:

  • Publicly support (ideally cosponsor) and promote the science-based Mako limits championed by Canada, Senegal, and others in previous ICCAT meetings.

  • Prepare to adopt a national ban on landings and trade, and

  • Encourage other ICCAT Parties to do the same.

We've rallied support from politicians, conservation organisations and scientists. But now we need your help.


Tweet or email your minister, to help us get the EU on the Mako Champion Map below.

The UK and Norway are already Mako Champions. But, we still need to persuade the rest of the EU to join us before the next ICCAT meeting in July.

Check out the map below to see where we need your help:

Mako Shark Champions Map

EU Countries, UK & Norway:

EU Countries:


If you live in a country that's already a Mako Champion, help us spread the word. 

Know anyone from countries we still need to persuade? If so, send them the link to this page and encourage them to contact their minister.

Live in a country where we need your help?

Click the button below to visit the Shark League website. From here click your country on the map to send your minister our template tweet/email.

Take Action

We're currently working on actions for US citizens, so please come back.


Thank you for taking action! Together we can turn the tide for Mako.

Banner image: Mako Shark © Lukas Walter / Shutterstock