The summer issue of our Member's Magazine is out now and - thanks to a branding makeover - it’s looking sensational!

Since the launch of our new website we’ve been continuing to work on updating our resources, to bring them in-line with our new look. And, over the past couple of months, we’ve turned our attention to our member’s magazine.

Our designer has given the magazine a new lease of life. And we’ve incorporated your feedback to bring you even more exciting articles, project updates and shark bites for you to really sink your teeth into.

This issue we’re diving into more detail about the various areas of conservation work that we’re involved with. Navigating the complex waters of shark conservation isn’t easy, and we believe there’s no single solution to saving sharks but rather a jigsaw of complementary actions that contribute to the big picture. Find out more on p.8-15.

Also, here’s a sneak peek at some of our other articles featured in this issue:

  • Our lead article The Evolution of Shark Skin is written by Rory Cooper, whose work is helping to answer some big questions about the evolution of all animal life. In his article he explores the interesting functions of shark scales. And how the theory of famous mathematician, Alan Turing, can explain the differences in scale patterns between different species. This also features some stunning photography (see banner above) taken by a Scanning Electron Microscope!

  • Tom “The Blowfish” Hird gives us the low down on recent research that’s decoded the DNA of the Great White Shark. Scientists have now fully recorded the genome sequence of this species, giving us a direct look into the very building blocks of one of the Earth’s most iconic predators.

  • Fancy a career in shark conservation? We’re launching the first in a new series of career articles where we ask shark experts from around the world for their top tips and career advice. Each issue we’ll be showcasing a different career to give any budding conservationists some ideas and advice on how to go about getting their dream job.

Pup's Club (For Under 12's)

We’re so pleased to see our junior membership is on the rise and we wanted to reflect this in the magazine. So, one of the biggest changes to Shark Focus, is that it’s now two magazines combined into one.

Open it up from one side and you'll get all our content for grown ups. Turn it around and you get Pup's Club pages for our younger members. This includes shark facts to blow your mind, inspiring actions from our young supporters, and fun activities. All aimed at under 12's.

Want to join us in celebrating all things sharks?

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