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In Issue 65 we're dispelling some of the common shark myths. Key articles explore how we can shift the current negative narrative surrounding sharks, by the way we talk about them. Shark biologist, David Shiffman, shares his research into the role of the media in shark conservation. And we dig into the stats to differentiate fact from factoids.

The way we all talk about sharks matters. So, in this issue, and in our work moving forward, we're tackling the Jaws stereotype head on. It starts by avoiding old arguments. Instead, shifting our focus on all the incredible things about sharks. And sharing our positive experiences with them.

Other highlights include:

  • It's All Bull – In our Creature Feature we're showcasing the Bull Shark. So named for their short, blunt snout and cantankerous nature. Discover the key adaptations that enable them to thrive in both fresh and salt water.

  • The Unusual Eyes of the Whale Shark - Tom Hird breaks down the findings of a recent - and fascinating study - on Whale Sharks. How do they protect their ocular abilities? And what remarkable adaptation could they possibly share with frogs? Check out the article to find out more.

  • Fancy a career in shark conservation? In the fourth of our career articles, we interview Matt Witt - Associate Professor in Natural Environment at the University of Exeter. Matt's research is right at the intersection of marine ecology and human-wildlife conflict. He and his team are particularly well known for their research on Basking Sharks. Find out more about his work, as well as his top tips and career advice for budding shark scientists.

Cover of Shark Focus Magazine #65 (Pups Club)

Pup's Club (For Under 12's)

Open up our magazine from the other side and you’ll find our Pup’s Club pages for junior members. Packed with shark facts, amazing achievements from our supporters, and fun activities.

This issue we also discover 7 of the most threatened sharks and rays. And explore how some ingenious species have mastered freshwater.

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