We’ve got an Easter Egg Hunt with a difference that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Back by popular demand our Indoor Easter Eggcase Hunt Trail can be done in the home or garden!

Perfect for little ones and adults alike - especially this year, while we’re all stuck at home.


Some sharks and skates reproduce by laying eggs. These are encased in a tough leathery eggcase, which protects the embryo as it develops inside.

Once hatched, the empty eggcases (or ‘mermaid’s purses’ as they’re affectionately known) often get washed up on the beach. It’s here that eagle-eyed beachcombers can find them, often mixed amongst the seaweed in the strandline or blown to the back of the beach.

Check out the incredible animation below, created by Chelsea Lander, to discover more:


Our Great Eggcase Hunt recording project aims to get as many people as possible searching our shores for eggcases and reporting their finds to us. This helps us to learn more about egg-laying sharks and skate. The more we know, the better we can protect them.

But we know, not everyone lives close to a beach. So, we created an eggcase hunt that can be done anywhere…


Hide our eggcase cartoons around your home or garden. Give everyone taking part a Junior Eggcase ID Guide, so they can tick off species as they’re found. Then ready – set – go! Who can find and identify all the eggcases first?

Junior Eggcase ID Guide

Celebrate this Easter with a fun twist, while learning (or brushing up on) your eggcase ID skills.

What better way to introduce the next generation to the amazing variety of sharks and skates in our waters?

You can download our Indoor Easter Eggcase Hunt Trail and the Junior ID Guide below. Don’t have a printer at home? Why not draw the eggcases and decorate them yourselves!

Remember to share any photos of your hunt on social media or email us – we’d love to see how you get on!

Happy Eggcase Hunting!

Eggcase hiding in seaweed

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