Shark Focus

Shark Focus is our members magazine. Released twice yearly. It features some of the below:

  • Global News - A news roundup of all the latest news from all over the world.
  • Main Feature - The main feature has seen us discuss the Big Shark Pledge, Ocean Habitats, 25 Years of the Shark Trust and more. 
  • Day in the Life - Featuring artists, photographers, researchers, divers and people who are passionate about shark conservation,
  • Creature Feature - We focus on one species and showcase them.
  • Pup's Club - kids activites, articles, Pup's Club Stars and more.

If you become a Shark Trust Member then you get access to Shark Focus as soon as it's released!

Take a look!

If you want to get an insight into just how good Shark Focus is... then we've got some old issues below!

Issue 67 - Winter 2022

Issue 66 - Summer 2022

Issue 65 - Winter 2021

Issue 64 - Summer 2021

Issue 63 - Winter 2020

Issue 62 - Summer 2020