Shark Trust and LAMNA are starting a new project.

After Sharks International 2022, which took place in Valencia (Spain), there were various discussions about how to better give value to the Spanish-speaking community working with elasmobranchs. We are collaborating to establish a strategy which will help to strengthen this aspect of shark and ray conservation.

The project has two main principles.

-         Generate a sense of community between Spanish-speaking scientists, conservationists, science communicators and shark advocates.

-          Share personal, professional and academic experiences about dedication to scientific research, conservation and communication of all things elasmobranchs.

Wikimarathon event – 29th June 2024

Our first event of 2024 will be a WikiMarathon for sharks and rays and will be held on Saturday the 29th June. Although this is the main day, editing will take place in the weeks before and after the event. It will be a series of days of coordinated work together with the Wikimedia foundations during which we will improve and extend the information on Wikipedia about elasmobranchs in Spanish.  We have 9 countries involved to date. With this global effort we are hoping to create a media impact which will attract more collaborators and therefore generate the first steps towards a support network for sharks and rays in Spanish speaking countries.

Want to be a part of this project?

We can’t do this alone. Your comments and ideas are more than welcome to improve the Spanish-speaking shark and ray conservation community. If you are interested in this project, want to take part or simply know more, please fill out the following Google form, so that we can include you in the email distribution.

Also, if you know anyone else who could be interesting in this initiative, please send them all the information so they can sign themselves up.

Want your organisation to be a part?

Write to either of the email addresses below so that we can see how we can work together on this initiative. Thank you for your interest!


Any questions or comments please contact:

Hettie Brown, [email protected]

Jaime Penadés, [email protected]


Banner image © Andy Murch