Love Sharks 2021 Calendar

All sharks – bright and beautiful, great and small, weird and wonderful– we love them all. And this limited-edition Shark Trust calendar celebrates them in style. Read more


This month we're showcasing one of the largest sharks in the world. Often referred to as the 'Dustbin of the Sea'... Read more

News Digest: August 2020

Introducing our weekly News Digest! Featuring a selection of the latest news stories and research on all things shark, skate and ray from around the world. Enjoy. Read more

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Climbing Snowdon dressed as a shark 🦈💙

I love sharks and everything about them however the are sadly being culled each minute so I want to spread awareness and hopefully make a start on a better future for our sharks! Read more

Shark Awareness Day

Shark Awareness Day is Tue 14 July. Let's use this opportunity to champion sharks and create positive change for some of the ocean’s greatest wonders. Read more

Shark Focus Magazine (Issue 64) – Out Now!

In this issue we explore the power of collective action. Shining the light on all the ways supporters have been, and can be, involved in creating positive change for sharks. Read more

Book Review: Shark Super Powers

Alfie (age 9) shares his thoughts about one of his favourite books, which has 'loads of really cool facts'! Read more

Save the sharks stop finning

Help save the sharks from being hunted for finning Read more

5 Extraordinary Connections Sharks Share with Other Animals

How does a poisonous snake protect baby sharks? How can an eye parasite be helpful? And what small fish would seek out the company of only the largest toughest shark? Read more

One Ocean – Connecting Us All

This World Oceans Day (8 Jun) we're celebrating our one ocean. The health of which we all rely on for our shared well-being. Read more

Position Statement: UK Shark Fin Ban

The case for banning fins is almost always communicated in the context of ending the practice of finning. But banning fins is not the same as banning finning. And banning the sale of fins would do very little to end the overfishing of sharks. Read more


This website looks like a great place to get my friends and family aware of whats going with these endangered animals. Sharks all over the world, especially whale sharks are facing population declines from being hunted for shark fin soup, which is an Asian delicacy. These animals could be extinct by 2050 if we don't take action. Read more

Shark Trust Lockdown Everest Challenge

I am 9 years old and the other day I watched a documentary about sharks. At the end of it, there was a picture of a dead Mako Shark on the bottom of the sea with its fin chopped off. So I thought if I fundraise, the Shark Trust Can Make a difference to that.

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Basking Shark Fundraiser

Helping Basking Sharks in the Northeast Atlantic. Read more

Fancy a Challenge?

Why not join us this Sunday for the 2.6 challenge? Raise a smile, raise your heart-rate and, possibly, raise some funds. #twopointsixchallenge Read more