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Meet ‘Pacman’ the White Shark!

25 October

Unique markings on this White Shark’s caudal fin has prompted its new name, Pacman! Researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy are continuing their work to ID and study the behaviour of White Sharks found in waters off Massachusetts.

Seven Dead Sawfish Found Washed Up in Florida

22 October

Seven Critically Endangered Sawfish have sadly been found washed up dead on an inlet in Florida. Some with their rostrums removed. After the success of International Sawfish Day, this causes a wave of frustration for conservationists. But, also motivating for us all to do even more to help towards ensuring that these animals are protected and respected.

Shark Rescue in Essex, UK

22 October

Fisheries Officers from the Environment Agency received an unusual call about trapped sharks! Three Smoothounds were found in a very shallow dyke in Essex. The officers were able to capture and release the sharks safely back into deeper water. And lets hope that they do not venture back in! 

Unusual Reproductive Strategy in Sarawak Swellsharks…and Transparent Eggcases!

21 October

Sarawak Swellsharks are rewriting the textbooks on shark reproduction! Shiffman’s article on this amazing recent discovery explains more. And highlights how much there still is to learn about sharks!

Discovery of a Flapper Skate Egg-laying Site…At Risk from Fishing Activities?

19 October

New egg-laying site to one of the largest skates in the world has been discovered off Scotland! More than 100 eggcases of the Critically Endangered Flapper Skate were found by divers on a rocky seabed off the northwest coast. Scientists warn of the vulnerability of the site to trawling or dredging activity. Find out more about the Flapper Skate here. And for more on how to submit your eggcase finds, head to the Great Eggcase Hunt.

Sawfish in Florida Could Make a Comeback – International Sawfish Day

17 October

International Sawfish Day! Great to hear that more sawfish sightings are being reported by anglers, divers and boaters around Southern Florida. It’s not yet clear whether these reports are a sign of recovery of this endangered species. But what is clear is a growing increase of public awareness in the area! Encouraging signs that citizen science reporting could help towards monitoring their populations in the future.

NGOs Herald Proposal for International Science-based Fishing Limits for Mako Sharks - Urge US and EU to Get On Board!

16 October

Endangered Shortfin Mako Sharks in the North Atlantic are seriously overfished. Makos will be taking centre stage in the 2020 talks of ICCAT, the Atlantic high-seas management body. And negotiations are kicking off today. Canada has already proposed catch limits that follow the science. But with COVID-19 related delays, continued overfishing by European vessels, and exceptionally lenient and complex counterproposals from the US and EU - will these sharks be given a chance for recovery?

Eastern Pacific is a Major Supply Chain for the Shark Fin Trade, Researchers Find

13 October

Using the latest DNA technology, scientists from Florida International University can pinpoint the region where a shark fin originated from. 85% of shark fins sampled from markets in Hong Kong and China have been genetically traced back to sharks originating in the Eastern Pacific. The samples commonly included endangered pelagic thresher sharks as well as hammerheads. This research is shedding light on the associated fisheries at the source of the shark fin supply chain. And so, helping towards informing better fisheries management and protective measures for sharks.

Offshore MPAs Still Subject to Dredging and Trawling

9 October 2020

Nearly a quarter of UK waters are covered by Marine Protected Areas (MPA). But an MPA doesnt necessarily mean ‘no fishing’. So, what does it mean for sharks? Like other migratory animals, sharks dont adhere to lines on a map. And many are still at risk of overfishing, whether that’s inside or outside the MPA. Sadly, there’s been concerning reports this week about levels of fishing activity in offshore MPAs. 

Whale Shark Population in Tanzania’s Marine Park are on the Up!

2 October 2020

The population of Whale Sharks in Mafia Island Marine Park, Tanzania have increased! A new report from WWF says that Whale Shark numbers have increased from around 100 to 206 individuals over 7 years! In part demonstrating the benefits of effective government action. And promoting the value of eco-tourism for Whale Sharks.

New Documentary on Australia’s Controversial ‘Shark Control’ Programs

The use of drum lines and nets as part of Australia’s ‘shark control’ programs is a highly controversial issue. This article describes a new documentary that will be shedding light on these outdated practices, which impacts on sharks and other wildlife. And recommending smarter, non-invasive technology - such as drone monitoring - to come to the forefront.

Gray Sharks Grab their Dinner ‘to Go’

2 October

New video footage! It turns out Gray Sharks have found a sneaky way to grab a quick meal. They shadow Whitetip Sharks as they hunt around the coral for fish, and then swoop in and steal their prey!

Rare 'white' albino TOPE shark caught off the coast of the Isle of Wight

2 October

A ‘white’ shark has been spotted off the British Isles. No! Not a White Shark! But a ‘white’ Tope Shark. An angler got the surprise of his life when he caught (and released) what appears to be an albino Tope. Click Here to check out this unique shark.

First ever! Flapper Skate eggcase successfully hatches and is released into the wild!

2 October

Amazing footage of a Critically Endangered Flapper Skate hatching from its eggcase! After 18 months of diligent care in captivity, this rare skate is now inhabiting the Sound of Jura Marine Protected Area!

‘Fins Naturally Attached’ comes into force in Queensland, Australia

30 September

Excellent news to come out of Australia! The Queensland Government has introduced a new law in a key East Coast fishery. Any sharks caught are now required to be brought back to shore with their ‘fins naturally attached’. This is acknowledged globally as best practice for finning regulation.

Squalene and the COVID-19 vaccine – what's really going on...?

29 September

Many of you will have read alarming headlines in the past week. The Covid crisis crossing paths with sharks through the use of squalene as a common vaccine ingredient. With big figures quoted, the Trust is seeking clarification from key players. The demand for squalene, yet another facet of overfishing.

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