The Flat Shark Showcase presents the breadth of work being delivered across the Mediterranean by a diversity of partners and organisations, collaborating across multiple countries.

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Flat sharks: sawfish, giant guitarfishes, guitarfish, angel sharks and rays, rank as the most threatened families of elasmobranchs on the IUCN Red List. Flat sharks represent over 50% of the elasmobranchs listed on Annex II of the Barcelona Convention & GFCM/42/2018/2. Yet conservation action in the Mediterranean is still urgently required for: three species of Critically Endangered angel shark; the Blackchin Guitarfish; Common Guitarfish, and a host of rays – from the sizeable Endangered Giant Devil Rays to Butterfly Rays, and the endemic skates. 

Fish Forum 2024

This online content will signpost delegates to opportunities, resources, and willing project partners. Facilitating efforts for countries to honour existing conservation commitments, and establish - and implement - domestic and regional regulations to better protect highly threatened flat sharks across the region and beyond.

Partners and Organizations

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