Gordon Ramsay joined the Shark Trust as a patron in 2010 and is a supporter of our Stop Shark Finning Campaign. In 2011 he presented - SHARKBAIT - a documentary raising awareness about the shark fin trade.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to make a programme called SHARKBAIT, which exposed the cruel practice of shark finning as well as the often secretive and destructive industry that surrounds it. Up until then I had been unaware of the completely horrific and totally unnecessary practice, which could lead to the extinction of sharks in the future. As a result and ever since, I have been a patron of the Shark Trust, who do great work in raising awareness and campaigning for the protection of these beautiful creatures. I'm honoured to support this cause and hope that together we can all do what we can to help these endangered species remain in our waters for future generations.

In the video below Gordon Ramsay talks to Shark Trust Founder and Trustee Sarah Fowler about the effect shark fin soup is having on sharks.

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