Loyd Grossman is a long-standing patron of the Shark Trust. Well known for programs such as Through the Keyhole and MasterChef, as well as his own brand of cooking sauces.

I agreed to be a Patron of the Trust because as a keen scuba diver I have an increasing appreciation and wonder for the beauty, complexity and mystery of the underwater environment.

The demonisation of sharks in the news media and popular culture is doing damage to the oceans: sharks are not only fascinating in their own right but help to make the whole thing work. The attack on shark populations is fuelled by the twin evils of ignorance and greed.

Organisations like the Shark Trust play a vital role in informing and enlightening the public and policy makers. Through its work with the Shark League and the European Elasmobranch Association the Trust also supports international efforts to protect endangered shark populations and to help save our oceans.

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