Basking Sharks are extremely vulnerable to disturbance. We encourage use of the Basking Shark Code of Conduct to ensure a safe and positive encounter. 

Remember the sheer size of a Basking Shark warrants respect and caution. It's illegal to intentionally disturb or harass Basking Sharks in UK waters. In doing so you could face up to 6 months in prison and a large fine.

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How you can Help

1. Follow/Promote our Basking Shark Code of Conduct - One of the biggest threats Basking Sharks face is disturbance and harassment. Water users can ensure a safe and positive encounter by following our Basking Shark Code of Conduct. 

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2. Record Your Basking Shark Sightings - Keep a look out for Basking Sharks and record your sighting on our database. If you can get a photo - even better! Information on tagged, injured or scarred sharks is also important. 

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3. Adopt a Basking Shark - Help raise funds for this project by adopting a Basking Shark. And we'll send you a jawsome adoption pack full of fun facts about Basking Sharks. This makes a great gift for anyone obsessed with sharks!

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4. Make a Donation - You can support our Basking Shark Project with a donation below. 


5. Choose WiSe - Want to go on a boat tour to see Basking Sharks? We recommend a WiSe accredited tour operator. Basking Sharks are vulnerable to disturbance. Bu the Wildlife Safe (WiSe) scheme provides training and accreditation for tour operators. It advises them on how to best view and interact with large marine wildlife, while minimising disturbance, ensuring a positive experience for both you and the shark. To find a WiSe accredited tour operator visit the WiSe website.

Visit the WiSe Website

6. Report injured or harassed sharks - If you witness disturbance or harassment of a Basking Shark, please report it to the National Wildlife Crime Unit immediately.

Visit the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit Website

7. Report stranded Sharks

For Live Stranded Sharks Contact:
England or Wales - the British Divers Marine Life Rescue Hotline:
• 01825 765 546 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)
• 0778743 3412 (all other times, including bank holidays)

Scotland - the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) hotline: 03000 999 999

For Dead Stranded Sharks Contact: the Cetacean Stranding’s Investigation Programme (CSIP) on: 0800 6520333.