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EU and US Block Vital Protections for Endangered Mako Sharks

14 December

Despite long promoting science-based shark conservation, the EU and US once again served as obstacles to urgently needed protections for mako sharks at Atlantic high-seas annual management meeting (ICCAT).

Canada, Senegal, and the UK proposed a ban on retention of seriously overfished North Atlantic shortfin makos. As ICCAT scientists have long advised. The proposal earned support from Taiwan and Gabon. But, the EU and US refused to give up on exceptions for continuing to land the endangered species. As a result, this year’s mako negotiations end with no new conservation measures.

The next opportunity for Atlantic-wide action is July 2021. ICCAT scientists estimate this population could take five decades to recover. Even if fishing were to stop immediately. Lack of consensus allows unsustainable fishing on this shared population to continue.

IUCN Red List Assessment Updates Released

11 December

The latest round of IUCN Red List Updates have been published! Including another 69 sharks, skate and ray from the South West Atlantic and around Patagonia! This new information is key to help make informed conservation decisions.

Wedgefish Snouts a Local Delicacy

11 December

Wedgefish snouts are sold as a local delicacy in Singapore. As one of the most threatened elasmobranchs, the presence of Wedgefish snouts on markets, as reported in this research paper gives cause for concern. As CITES Appendix II listed species, trade of Wedgefishes requires permits and control measures. Monitoring imports and controlling the trade of threatened species is key to help inform further management measures.

Columbia Bans Shark Fishing

2 December

The government of Columbia have announced a ban on shark fishing within its waters. Any form of artisanal or commercial fishing for sharks will be prohibited. Columbia is a hotspot for biodiversity, but has been heavily impacted by human activity over the years. Sustainable management is key. This announcement could be a step towards shark conservation efforts in South America.

Tunisia Issues Interim Ban on Species of Shark, Skate and Ray

2 December

Fantastic news! Last week the Tunisian government issued an interim ban on the fishing and trading of 21 shark, skate and ray species. While they finalise urgent amends to national legislation. This action was taken in response to a letter we led on expressing our concerns over the recent landings of two Critically Endangered White Sharks. But also reflects years of conservation work by the Trust and our partners. It's wonderful to see all Mediterranean countries now honouring the regional shark measures. A huge win for shark conservation!

What Makes a Mako Shark? – Scientists Investigating Shark Genetics

1 December

A new study shows strong evidence of anti-tumour activity in the genome of the Shortfin Mako. Researchers are also looking into biological markers to identify populations in Atlantic and Indian Oceans. This is key to understanding population groups and informing fisheries policy. Still heavily overfished in the Atlantic, Mako Sharks remain a key focal species in our No Limits? campaign.

Still Fishing for Sharks in the Red Sea

26 November

Despite a ban on all shark fishing in the Egyptian Red Sea, fishers continue to fish sharks. And fish markets continue to sell shark products. Lack of enforced management continues. And a disputing interest between the value of sharks for ecotourism vs. value of shark products.

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