Oceanic 31 is a brand new shark and ray art project from The Shark Trust.

We are bringing together artists from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about wildlife, conservation, and using art as a tool for positive change. The artists have kindly agreed to donate the pieces to our cause. Each artist has focused on one species of Oceanic Shark or Ray.

The full exhibition of 31 species of sharks and rays will not be ready until summer 2023. 17 pieces were revealed at our For the Love of Sharks in London in November 2022.

Banner Image - "Deep Connection" © Janavi Kramer 

Oceanic 31

The full 31-piece exhibition will go on tour around the UK between Summer 2023 and Autumn 2024. Finally, the pieces will be raffled and auctioned off, with funds going towards the Big Shark Pledge. Limited edition prints will also be made available for some of the pieces. And we will be publishing a book for the project - Oceanic 31 - which will explore the pieces, the species and the artists behind the project.

Meet the Artists

Click on the artist to find out more about them via their websites and social media.