Welcome to our brand-new, fully interactive show starting in 2022!

Shark Heads is an immersive, interactive and educational quiz show for people of all ages, experience and knowledge!

Available via livestream, Shark Heads brings one of the Shark Trust’s experts into your classroom, dive club or social group.

60 minutes will test your knowledge, get you moving and see you competing in two teams to find out who will be crowned the ultimate Shark Heads!


The show can be tailored to your knowledge base! So it works for adults and children, experts or newbies to the world of sharks. Featuring stunning photography and video, Shark Heads is a deep dive into the world of sharks, skates and rays!

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More information

The Shark Heads challenge rounds include:

  • Shark Diversity
  • Sharks of the Big Blue
  • Shark Threats
  • Conservation in Action
  • Make a Difference