Our Shark Sightings Database, Shark Log, was launched in 2008. It enables individuals and organisations anywhere in the world to record their shark sightings online. The information recorded provides a key resource for shark conservation.
The aim of the project is to generate important data for researchers and conservationists working with sharks, skates and rays around the worldFrom learning about the different colour morphologies of skates and rays around the British coast. To understanding the size of Whale Shark populations around the world. This information helps researchers and conservationists in their management of these animals.
Our Shark Sightings Database is often used in not-for-profit decision-making, education and research, as well as environmental and other public-benefit purposes.
When you submit a sighting you retain ownership of any photos you include. So, if we're approached by anyone wanting to use your photos, we'll always ask you first.
Banner image © Tom Vierus