Take part in our community science project and help us gather vital information about global shark distribution. During the last week in July 2022 we want buddy pairs, dive centres, clubs and boats to join us and record as many shark, ray and skate sightings around the world as possible. 

We will come together, go diving, and record all the sharks that we see in a global Great Shark Snapshot event. Over time, each Snapshot will build a clearer picture for shark scientists and conservationists. A picture of species distribution around the world and population changes. 1/3 of sharks and rays are threatened from destructive fishing, climate change and habitat destruction. The data collected will help scientists put effective conservation plans in place to help species.


24th to 31st July 2022 inclusive


Anywhere in the world! Just go diving! Record all the shark, skates and rays that you see, and log them in our Shark Log database. If you can grab a photo then great - but it is not necessary for you to be included in this huge shark data collecting event.

Want to share that you are taking part in the Great Shark Snapshot with your diving buddies? Download our social media images and let others know you are supporting us! Just right click on either the shark or the ray and spread the word!

Don't forget to tag us and use the hashtag #GreatSharkSnapshot

More information on how to log your sightings will be uploaded to this page soon. 

Want to be part of a Great Shark Snapshot group?

Check out the map to see your nearest event 

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How to register your dive centre/club/boat

If you would like to take part in this global event please register your event. Include details of where you will be diving, date and add extra information on what divers who join you can expect.


Once approved your event will show up on The Great Shark Snapshot event map. We will then also email you a digital pack about the event to help you plan, promote and run your event.

You will be able to record your shark, ray and skate sightings using the Shark Trust App or via the recording website.

* Please follow all of the safety guidelines issued by your training agency and all instructions given to you by the dive centre/club you are diving with.