The boundless energy and stamina of our supporters never ceases to amaze us! We're so grateful for all your support.

A special thank you to our most recent fundraisers:

Fundraiser's Gallery

  • Greer (aged 10) has been raising money by selling crafts from the front wall of her house to people walking by during the Easter holidays. She has raised an amazing £99.07!
  • Fin cycled an incredible 100 miles, raising £560 for the Great Eggcase Hunt.

  • Thea (age 9) raised £160 to help support sharks.

  • Hector completed a winter bivvy to save sharks, raising £1,003!

    "I wanted to do something more to help. So, I decided to raise some money by doing a sponsored ‘bivvy’ out. I built a shelter in my garden with my family which was made from branches and leaves.

    As the day approached, the weather turned really cold and there was a sprinkling of snow! I was getting nervous but after some hot chocolate I got into my sleeping bag with my teddies and my family sleeping next to me, so felt much happier. It was so exciting as the stars came out in the middle of the night and I also got to hear an owl nearby. I finally woke up at 5am and was pretty chilly, but I was quickly warmed up by pancakes and warm milk for breakfast." - Hector (age 7)

  • Faith (age 11) climbed Mount Snowdon, raising £320 in support of our Stop Shark Finning Campaign.
  • Petro Du Prez donated £190.
  • Xaven Handley made a donation of £122.40.

  • Zachary raised a whopping £288 by swimming 64 lengths of the pool. That’s 1 mile for sharks!

    "I love sharks and have done since I was about 5 years old. I love to raise money for the Shark Trust... Although this challenge was difficult it was definitely worth it. I had my Mummy, Daddy, little brother Elliott and little sister Delilah, cheering me on. I swam 1600m (1 mile) in about 65 minutes. I was so proud of myself for managing to complete my sponsored swim. This has definitely encouraged me to keep swimming and keep raising money, maybe next time I will swim 2 miles instead." - Zachary (age 9)

  • Noah raised an incredible £167, also by swimming for sharks. He completed a ½ mile which is 32 lengths of a swimming pool.

    I love sharks and people don't really think the best of them. There's not many left, and people can be horrible to them. I wanted to raise money to stop extinction and so people know that they're not what people think they are. When I grow up, I want to be a shark vet and look after them." - Noah (age 8)

  • Oliver and Luca held a bake sale at their school in February. They sold over 100 of their delicious homemade cakes raising £145!

    For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by sharks. They are the most amazing creatures but sadly are misunderstood. Sharks deserve our respect and protection and I am proud to support the Shark Trust. - Luca (age 10)

    We really enjoyed baking the cakes and cookies for our bake sale and seeing so many people buy and enjoy them. We hope the money we raised helps a fantastic cause. Sharks are jaw-some! - Oliver (age 11)
  • Gisele and Nick made a donation of £500.

  • Chris Johnson at SMB Bearings donated £2000.

  • Instead of exchanging gifts this Christmas, Giacomo and his partner donated £100.

  • Lauren Lilly (aged 10) loves sharks. She saved up her allowance to help sharks, donating £102.

  • Hazel Grove held a cake sale at her library raising £112.

  • Makowhiteness Limited made a donation of £900.00.

  • Mr Weatherall donated £342 in memory of his son David who sadly passed away in August. David had a lifelong fascination with marine life and sharks in particular.

  • Petro Du Preez made a donation of £160.

  • Simon Card took on the Walk of the Worlds, walking over 80 miles over 4 days and raising £1,359.

  • Daniel Patey took on the Cotswold Way Challenge walking 100km in 2 days and raising £661.

  • Charlie, Grace, James and Brad took on the Bristol Nightrider collectively raising £938.

  • Harrison (age 8) loves sharks. He's so passionate that he wanted to do something to help. So asked his family if they could all take part in the Bournemouth Supernova run in October. Big thanks to Harrison, his younger brother George (age 6), Michael and Miranda, who raised £127.

  • Speedy Sophie (age 6) ran the Junior 1.5K in the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. She completed this in an incredible 12 mins and 6 secs, raising £215 - well over her original target of £35.

  • Congratulations to Sanna & Scott Rigbye, who got married in August! They generously collected donations for the Shark Trust instead of receiving gifts at their wedding, raising £230 in support of our No Limits? campaign.

  • Necropolis Tattoos held a tattoo flash sale for shark week in July, raising £328 in support of our No Limits? campaign.

  • Hannah (age 6) and James (age 4) walked 5 miles from Winscombe to Cheddar, raising £181.50!

  • Liam wanted to help make a change for sharks. So he walked 5 km along Cromford canal to raise money for us. Liam made this decision to #DoSomeFin a few weeks before he did his challenge. In a few weeks Liam decided on his challenge and raised an incredible £274!

  • The Marine Institute at Plymouth University raised £120. Instead of having bags of goodies at a student conference they decided to go without and raise funds for the Shark Trust.

  • Two high school students from Shepherd's Hill Academy raised £55 as part of an economics class.

  • William, Felix and Harry held a bake sale after reading an article in First News about the threat to sharks and the work we do. They raised a total of £96.26.

  • Jed Sharmel donated £50 because he loves sharks.

  • Mrs Du Preez made a £100 donation.

  • Eva, Nikki, Emily B, Emily M and Hermione (‘Animal Rescue Club’) held a cake sale raising £100.

  • Regular Shark Trust fundraiser, Gracie, raised another £140.

  • Andreas Weerasooriya donated £50 because he wants his daughter to grow up in a world where we still have sharks.

  • Judith Peacock donated £30.

  • Mary Sanche donated £44.40 raised from the sale of a painting.

  • Adrain Boddice donated £20.

  • Liz Phebey donated £50.

  • Brooke Clifton raised £100 by asking for donations instead of gifts for her 8th birthday.

  • Caleb Entwistle (aged 6) raised £600 by running the Scottish Borders Ultra Marathon - that's 38 miles in total! He broke this up into smaller runs over October. Caleb loves sharks and would like to work with them when he grows up.

  • Melanie Coath donated £45 on behalf of her 4 year old who loves sharks so much that instead of party bags they asked for donations.

  • Klaire Jamin made a donation of £45.

  • Nichola Cooke raised £534 running for sharks in the Manchester Half Marathon. This was Nichola's first half marathon.

    "I ran for The Shark Trust because as a scuba diver I love sharks and travel the world to dive with them. As part of this I’ve come to understand the vital part they play in our marine ecosystems. I try and spread the word about how amazing sharks are and not something to be feared."

  • Sophia Fielding also raised £305 running for sharks in the Manchester Half Marathon. Sophia's 6 year old daughter is fascinated with sharks and watches no end of documentaries about them! Through her and these documentaries she learnt how crucial sharks are to a healthy ocean and how magnificent they are.

  • Lara Sprosen donated £10.

  • Louise Orgill made a donation of £50.

  • Rebecca Cockeram ran the Cardiff Half Marathon for sharks raising £259.

  • Danni Hill ran the Plymouth 10K for sharks raising £80.90.

  • Tom Baston ran the Plymouth 10K for Sharks raising £252.

    "As a marine biologist I wanted to bring more attention to the Shark Trust and inspire those around us in UK to have more interest and respect for UK seas and the life in it. You would be surprised what you would come across in Plymouth Sound... "

  • Anna Katz donated £50 - In memory of Miles Jenness a 5 year old shark lover who passed away on 29th September.

  • NSA Radet made a donation of £5.

  • Sophie Zweife donated £20.

  • Lindsey Rawcliffe donated £10.

  • Sam Hodge £50 in support of Alexander Chau's book The Black God.

  • Cahl organised a fun day fundraiser and invited everyone from his school. There were shark fin cakes, leaflets, an A-Z shark quiz, badges and talk from Cahl about sharks. Cahl raised £100 on the day for the Shark Trust. Cahl said:

    "I am a shark lover and I feel like sharks are magnificent creatures that should be protected."

  • Aliz ran the Great Bristol Half Marathon in September raising £176. Aliz said:

    "I decided to run for Shark Trust to raise awareness of these incredible yet misunderstood animals and the important role they play in the whole marine ecosystem."

  • Emika ran the Scottish 10K in September raising £254. Emika said:

    "I ran for Shark Trust as sharks are my absolutely favorite animals. I'm a shark fanatic! I just love sharks."