Saving Sharks - saving ocean life

Yvonne Scepanik

Always been fascinated by sharks, and only recently, since watching the Oscar winning documentary "Sharkwaters" have I understood what an important role sharks are playing to the ocean's/ earth's health and finally our survival. Overfishing and fin taking has to stop. It is a cruel massacre, yet not enough people are aware of this global tragedy.

Park run for sharks!

Rose Briant-Evans

Because I think that it is important for sharks to remain in in the water they don’t deserve to be made in to shark fin soup everybody thinks they are mean well actually not all of them are bad

Robyns Eggcase Hunt

Robyn Campbell

To help raise awareness of the protection of sharks.

Save the Sharks!

Nika Roberts

I love sharks and I want to help save them.

Alec's Swim for Sharks!

Alec Kirby

I love sharks - I always have done - and I think that it's really important that they remain in our oceans.

Phil and Jess swim for sharks

Phil Mountford

Raising awareness for shark conservation

Help Save The Sharks

Cole Walden

I love sharks and I want them to be here for quite a while more and I really love what shark trust is doing for the sharks.

Poppy's Swimming for Sharks

Poppy Frizzell

Because I love sharks and want to help the Sharks Trust to save sharks from being caught

Pedal for nature's creativity

Nina Mitchell

I'm cycling 50 miles for sharks!

Strawberry Fields 4DD Swim for Sharks!

Rachael Fagan

We want to help save sharks. They are an important part of the balance in our oceans. Without sharks, all marine life and the biodiversity of our oceans are at risk.

Pull for Sharks

Arya Khatau

Hey, my name is Arya and I’m currently in a little rowing boat going around Britain. By the 31st of July I hope to be the First Indian/ Asian to Circumnavigate the 2000 mile Great British Coastline.

Frogfish Swim for Sharks

Caroline Robertson-Brown

We are a group of shark-loving swimmers and scuba divers who want to see greater protection for sharks around the world