Kimberley's Shark Trust Fundraiser - Thames Bridges Trek 2019

Kimberley Swift

Sharks have lived in our oceans for over 400 million years and are essential for the health of our marine ecosystems.

But today, many species are under threat. Almost 1/4 of all shark species worldwide are now threatened with extinction. That makes them one of the most endangered groups of animals on our planet!

That's why I'm helping the Shark Trust to safeguard their future with this fundraiser.
Together we can create positive change.

Let's #Dosomefin For Sharks

Charlie Moores Shark Trust Fundraiser

Charlie Moores

I'm a cyclist and I love sharks - a fundraising cycle ride ticks the boxes!

Daniel's - Shark Trust Fundraiser

Daniel Patey

Let's #Dosomefin For Sharks

Tia's Shark Trust Fundraiser

Tia Rolfe

Let's #Dosomefin For Sharks...
Because a healthy planet needs a healthy ocean!

Will's Shark Trust Half Marathon

William Beavis

I will be running the Edinburgh half marathon in aid of Sharks Trust.

Emma's Run for Sharks

Emma Bagnall

As the newest staff member to join the Shark Trust team in January 2019, I wanted to do my bit to help promote the amazing work that I am proud to be a part of. So, I thought it would be sensible idea, as I have never even run a race before, to enter the Plymouth Half Marathon, to try and raise money on our home ground by running for sharks.

Peter's - Duathlete for Shark Trust

Peter Douglass

Sporting for the sharks. No matter how big, how small.

Neil Garry - Shark Trust Fundraiser

Neil Garry

Running the Edinburgh Marathon for The Shark Trust because I am passionate about wildlife conservation

Vics Shark Trust Fundraiser

Victoria Monk-Steel

Let's #Dosomefin For Sharks

James Eastham - Half Marathon to Save the Sharks

James Eastham

I'm running Plymouth half marathon to raise money towards the Shark Trust. We know so little about the marine world, yet it is so at risk from humans. Any contributions are massively appreciated, let's #Dosomefin to save the sharks!

Vicki Hall's - First Half Marathon to Save The Sharks!

Vicki Hall

I'm a first-year Marine Conservation student with a sincere concern for the future of our oceans and the life within them. So let's get together and #Dosomefin for Sharks!

Shark Trust Fundraiser

Liam Fortescue

I am passionate about shark conservation and helping raise peoples awareness of these miss understood and wrongly judged species. I am doing a 5k walk along the Cromford canal path Derbyshire on the 23rd of March 2019. Please help to support The Shark Trust.