Our flagship citizen science project continues to expand as we welcome new recorders from around the world.

Something as simple as kicking through the strandline on a beach can lead to valuable data that helps shark conservation. Thanks to our citizen scientists, we’ve already collected over 300,000 eggcase records. As it grows, the project needs support to make sure we’re providing the best experience for our recorders. And ensuring that all the data is put to good use.

Find out more about this fantastic project and how you can get involved here.

A donation to support the Great Eggcase Hunt will be placed in a fund that helps us keeps the project moving forward. In the coming years we want to:

  • Improve our online recording portal
  • Improve and expand our smartphone App to new languages and regions
  • Expand “Underwater Eggcases” working with SCUBA divers and snorkellers
  • Build a global eggcase guide

Your support is really appreciated and will help the Great Eggcase Hunt go form strength to strength.

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