Eggcase hunting is great fun for all ages! It also gets a little bit competitive and is certainly addictive!

You can find everything you need to get started on our website. You can also download our app - this has a step-by-step ID key, which makes identifying eggcases a breeze.

Please submit photos when recording your finds so we can verify your identification. If you get stuck at any point remember we’re always here to help, just drop us a line.

Record Your Eggcase

Found Nothing?
We'd still like to know

Some beaches are regularly cleaned, while others may not have as many eggcases to find. It’s useful to know if you've been out looking so please record this.


Click on the links below to download our Great Eggcase Hunt resources.

We've created a handy ID Guide and Key to help you identify your eggcases. And a kids friendly eggcase guide and trail, which can be set up at home. So whatever the weather you can learn about and search for eggcases.

Eggcase ID Guide (pdf)

Eggcase ID Key (pdf)

Eggcase Junior ID Guide (pdf)

Indoor Easter Eggcase Hunt (pdf)

Skate Life-cycle Poster (pdf)

Great Eggcase Hunt Report - Celebrating 100,000 Records (pdf)