Boy Swimming © Michae Brin / ShutterstockFancy joining us for a dip?

We need you to swim for sharks! To be exact, we’d like you to swim a proportion of 5,700 miles of a Blue Sharks migratory route. Yep, that’s right 5,700 miles by the end of 2021! Are we wild – nope we just really love sharks!

We don’t want to mention the P or C word but last year was tough. For everyone. But sharks still need us. The work didn’t stop. Our supporters didn’t stop. And for this we’re truly grateful!

So…we’re asking our lovely supporters to jump in (literally) and swim for sharks this year.

The bold and beautiful Blue Shark, named for its dazzling colour, is the most- wide ranging of all sharks. They can be found worldwide, except in very cold waters (Brrrr don’t blame them!). Highly migratory, they travel in large groups. Hey, perhaps you could take a swim with friends or family?

Travelling vast distances in search of food, they carry out a clockwise migration pattern around the Atlantic. Don’t worry we won’t have you swimming in circles – unless you want to!

Blue Sharks are one of our most recent and positive success stories. For a long time they were the leading star of our No Limits? campaign. Urgently requiring science-based management, before they followed the trajectory of other unmanaged species. Then, just last year, they finally received the first ever international catch limits, which were set in the North and South Atlantic. While there's still more to do to help Blue Sharks, they provide a beacon of hope for all our other campaign species.

By the end of 2021 we want our wonderful supporters to have collectively swam 5,700 miles, raising funds for other No Limits? sharks that urgently need management.

This is a virtual event. So, anyone can get involved. Swim with friends, family, or colleagues. To take part complete the following steps:

  1. Set up a fundraising page linking to this appeal by clicking the fundraise button (top right)
  2. Decide on your distance and fundraising target
  3. Pick a date for your swim
  4. Start getting those donations in
  5. Swim for Sharks!

You can do your distance in a swimming pool, sea, lake, or river* - you choose! Your miles will be added to the cumulative total, every £1 raised represents a mile. So, whether you swim 10 mile or 50, raise £10 or £50, it all helps!

And how’s this... if you raise over £100 we’ll send you a nifty Swim For Sharks swimming cap for your big swimming day.

Huge thanks to all our avid supporters, members, and fundraisers. We couldn’t do it without you!

Got questions? We’d love to love to hear from you - send us an email.

*Please note it’s your responsibility to ensure your safety when swimming. For swimming safety please visit the RNLI website

Banner image: Blue Shark © Tomas Kotouc/Shutterstock