Whether you’ve submitted one eggcase or thousands, every eggcase adds to the Great Eggcase Hunt database and helps us to gain a better understanding of egg-laying sharks, skates and chimaera. Together, this information can be used to better understand species presence and diversity, help us to identify potential egg-laying areas and much more. 

If you want to see where eggcases have been found, or to look at the finds for one species in particular, see our Results landing page on the Recording Hub. * Please note that this page is currently being updated and should be available again soon. 


Summary reports are created each year, summarising key events, or looking at the eggcase finds for each year. Make sure to stay tuned for more summaries and reports in the near future!

Great Eggcase Hunt Report 2023

Great Eggcase Hunt - 20 Year Report 

Great Eggcase Hunt - Easter 2023 Report


Great Eggcase Hunt Report 2022

Great Eggcase Hunt - Summer 2022 Report


Great Eggcase Hunt - Easter 2022 Report

Great Eggcase Hunt Report 2021


Great Eggcase Hunt Report - Celebrating 100,000 Records

The Great Eggcase Hunt: Eggcase Champion Training Guide

This follows the GEH structure of Search, Identify, Record and Discover. Each section of this guide covers in-depth what you need to do to take part in the Great Eggcase Hunt. The guide includes videos and buttons linking to downloads and other relevant sections/pages. While the Great Eggcase Hunt’s Eggcase Champion Training Guide is largely aimed at people or organisations setting up their own eggcase hunts, this guide can be used by even the most casual eggcase hunter – providing hints and tips on where to find eggcases and how to identify them. Head to our training page for more info.

Conference Posters and Presentations

The Great Eggcase Hunt has been featured at Sharks International, the European Elasmobranch Association and other conferences. See below for our most recent posters and presentations. 

EEA 2023 GEH Poster

Sharks International 2022 Poster

Sharks International 2022 MegaMap

Scientific Papers

Information gathered as part of the Great Eggcase Hunt has contributed to scientific publications too:

·       Descriptions and revised key to the eggcases of the skates (Rajiformes: Rajidae) and catsharks (Carcharhiniformes: Scyliorhinidae) of the British Isles – Gordon, C.A., Hood, A.R. & Ellis, J.R. (2016). Zootaxa, 4150(3): 255-280. doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4150.3.2

Come back soon to see more information about our key species and other interesting projects you can get involved in.