Established in 2003, the Great Eggcase Hunt is the Shark Trust’s flagship citizen and community science recording project. It encourages participants to search for eggcases that have washed ashore, or report developing eggcases seen by divers or snorkellers.

The Great Eggcase Hunt is based on four main themes:

This guide follows the same structure. Each section covers in-depth what you need to do to take part in the Great Eggcase Hunt. The guide includes videos and buttons linking to downloads and other relevant sections/pages.

While the Great Eggcase Hunt’s Eggcase Champion Training Guide is largely aimed at people or organisations setting up their own eggcase hunts, this guide can be used by even the most casual eggcase hunter – providing hints and tips on where to find eggcases and how to identify them.

For a more detailed guide on how to identify the eggcases commonly found around the British Isles, we have developed a secondary guide: The UK Eggcase ID Guide.