Leaving a gift in your Will to the Shark Trust will help secure the future of sharks. You'll be leaving a lasting legacy of your passion and love for these incredible animals. 

Right now overfishing is having a catastrophic impact on many shark populations. We need to act now before it's too late. We want future generations to be able to experience and appreciate sharks as we do today. Not through anecdotal tales, books and YouTube videos.

Sharks play a vital role in keeping our oceans healthy. We want future generations to inherit oceans that teem with life.

Our vision is a future where sharks, skates and rays thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem. You can help us realise this vision. And this could be your lasting gift.

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After considering your family and loved ones, if you want to, you'll have the opportunity to leave a gift to the Shark Trust. Your legacy is their future and makes a lasting difference. We'll ensure your legacy is used to safeguard a future for sharks, skates and rays. 

To find out more and claim your free will visit https://farewill.com/shark-oct21

Your support is invaluable and we can't thank our supporters enough. Together we can create a future where sharks thrive within a globally healthy marine ecosystem. 

Thank you. 

To leave a gift to the Shark Trust you'll need our address and charity number: 

The Shark Trust

4 Creykes Court 

The Millfields 


PL1 3JB 

Charity No. 1064185

Types of Gifts 

A share of your estate 

This is called a residuary gift. You can leave a % of what is left of your estate, after your family and loved ones have been remembered. This gift keeps inline with inflation. 

A fixed amount of money

This is called a pecuniary gift. You can leave a fixed sum of money. The value of this kind of gift does go down overtime due to inflation increases. 

A specific item

You can choose to leave a specific item of value, such as, artwork, a property or jewelry. 

Whatever, if at all, you decide to leave in your legacy, please know that it is greatly appreciated and will be put to the best possible use. 

Thank you. 

In Memory of Those Who Loved Sharks

If you'd like to remember a loved one by supporting something they cared about please get in touch. If there's a specific area of our work you'd like to support do let us know.

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