Shark Month @ Royal William Yard

Shark Week is a renowned cultural phenomenon – but Plymouth is going bigger and better this summer by welcoming Shark Month to Royal William Yard this July. Read more

#TeamSHARK take on Plymouth Half Marathon 2024

We work in shark conservation because a 1/3 of all sharks and rays are threatened with extinction. If we are able to do more, we can make sure they have a positive future! By donating, you are supporting the important work we do for sharks and rays!! Read more

Stokes Sisters Run for Sharks

Sharks and rays are amazing. Present in our seas for 400 million years, they are vital and valuable but also vulnerable. 1/3 of all shark, skate, ray and chimaera species are threatened with extinction, largely due to the impact of unsustainable fisheries. The Shark Trust works tirelessly around the World to ensure sharks and rays are suitably protected. That's why I'm helping the Shark Trust to safeguard their future with this fundraiser. Together we can create positive change. Read more

Aleksander Kvam

By donating, we honor Aleks' love for the marine world, help safeguard the future of sharks & rays and allow his spirit of adventure to live on. Join us in celebrating Aleks' life by contributing to this noble cause and keeping his dream alive. Read more


This month we’re looking at the Undulate Ray Read more

Fern takes on the London Marathon for the Shark Trust

I'm running the London Marathon for the Shark Trust. Read more

Running to raise Fins for Awareness

As a passionate environmentalist, I'm running the Plymouth half marathon to raise awareness and funds for The Shark Trust.
By supporting such a great cause, I want to bring awareness to safeguarding sharks threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction and preserving the health of our planet's waters for future generations.
Raising fins for awareness. Join the frenzy for ocean conservation with Shark Trust.
Every bite counts in protecting our underwater friends! 🦈
#Raising Read more


SPOT Read more

Sharks in Israel

Sharks in Israel Read more

Angel Shark Conservation Network

Angel Shark Conservation Network Read more


ASCOB-syrtis Read more

Universidad de Murcia

Universidad de Murcia Read more


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Sharklab Adria

Sharklab Adria Read more

Save the Med

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LIFE European Sharks

LIFE European Sharks Read more

IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group

IUCN SSC Shark Specialist Group Read more