We’re still here, we’re just not here. We’re working from home.

We’re doing everything we can to maintain business as usual. But, unfortunately there are some things we're unable to do from home. 

Sadly, many of the products in our online shop remain unavailable. Yet, you can still buy shark adoptions and memberships, as well as our limited edition 2021 calendar. Our clothing store on Teemill also remains open.

While we’re focusing on our families and neighbours, we’re still on the case for sharks. At the moment, it maybe doesn’t feel relevant to talk about sharks and ocean conservation. But it's forever important.

We’ll keep posting, keep talking and definitely keep working, so that we can emerge stronger to carry on our vital work for sharks and rays.

We hope you stay safe and positive through these challenging times.

Our thoughts are with all our partners, collaborators, supporters and friends across the world.


Looking for something to keep you, or little ones, entertained? Here's a list of our top 10 resources...

  1. Shark Focus Magazine - Usually exclusive to Shark Trust members, we've decided to release the past few issues on our website. So all our supporters can enjoy discovering even more about sharks. Past issues of both our adult and junior magazines are available to download.

  2. A-Z of Sharks Poster - Containing lots of short fun facts about 26 incredibly different shark species.

  3. Shark Anatomy Poster - Brush up on your shark anatomy with this fully illustrated poster.

  4. Indoor Eggcase Hunt Trail - Teach the kids how to ID eggcases with our indoor trail. Perfect for the home or garden. If you don't have a printer why not try drawing your own eggcase characters instead? Download - Indoor Trail (pdf) | Junior ID Guide (pdf)

  5. Pup's Activity Zone - Created especially for kids to explore the fascinating world of sharks. Find out which shark is the fastest, largest and weirdest. Or who can jump the highest, lives the deepest...And much more!

  6. Wordsearches & Colouring Sheets - Available from our Pup's Activity Zone. Grab your colouring pens and start getting creative! Remember to post your colourful creations on social media - we'd love to see them!

  7. Creature Feature Blog - Check out some incredible sharks and rays by reading our blog. We showcase a different species every month.

  8. Mako Shark Chatterbox - Download this template to make your very own shark chatterbox. Research the world's fastest shark and complete your chatterbox with lots of fun facts. To get started why not check out our Shortfin Mako Creature Feature.

  9. You Tube - Check out some amazing shark footage and Shark Trust videos on our You Tube channel.

  10. Activity Bundle - We’ve partnered with national award-winning outdoor education provider - The Great Out-Tours - to produce a range of curriculum-linked and risk-assessed educational resources. With sharks and rays as the inspiration. From beachcombing to craft challenges, these resources are bundles of fun will provide hours of guided learning for children and adults.

Banner image: Basking Shark © John Batten