Shark Diving

Diving with sharks isn't usually dangerous. Often it's the highlight of any dive. But if you plan on diving with sharks you should be aware of potential dangers. Read more

Shark Feeding Dives

Usually undertaken with smaller sharks. Divers rest on the sea floor while sharks are fed in the centre. If you're considering such a dive click here to read our guidelines. Read more

Cage Diving

Sharks. Up close and personal. There's nothing quite as humbling as an encounter with an animal 5x your size! Click here for helpful tips on how to find a responsible tour operator. Read more

Boat Tours

As someone who loves sharks, it’s likely that seeing Whale Sharks and Basking Sharks are high on your bucket list. It certainly is on ours! Find out how to ensure you have the best experience. Read more

Sharks in Aquariums

Some people question the value of aquariums. While others have wider ethical objections to captive animals. Click here to find out where we stand. Read more