Great Eggase Hunt Training

Learn how to hold your own Great Eggcase Hunt event Read more

Great Eggcase Hunt - Discover

Whether you’ve submitted one eggcase or thousands, every eggcase adds to the Great Eggcase Hunt database and helps us to gain a better understanding of egg-laying sharks, skates and chimaera. Read more

Basking Shark Forum 2023

Find out more about Basking Sharks at this one-day online summit Read more

How Can You Help?

You can support our cause in many ways. Use your voice, your time, or your money to help us safeguard a positive future for sharks. Read more

Oceanic Shark Project

Regional Fisheries Management Bodies (RFMOs) are high-seas management bodies that are formed by countries with fishing interests in a particular area. These could be countries in the region (‘coastal states’) or countries with interests in the fisheries concerned. Read more

What Do We Do?

We work globally to improve the conservation status of sharks, skates and rays. Advocating for policy changes. And generating collective action to support our goals. Explore our projects… Read more

Why Sharks Need Our Help

Sharks have been in our ocean for over 400 million years. Now, the survival of many species is in danger. This extinction crisis is avoidable if we act to address the primary threat: overfishing. Read more