Climbing Snowdon dressed as a shark 🦈💙

Faith Collier

I love sharks and everything about them however the are sadly being culled each minute so I want to spread awareness and hopefully make a start on a better future for our sharks!

Save the sharks stop finning

Oscar Rogers

Help save the sharks from being hunted for finning


Julianna Germek

This website looks like a great place to get my friends and family aware of whats going with these endangered animals. Sharks all over the world, especially whale sharks are facing population declines from being hunted for shark fin soup, which is an Asian delicacy. These animals could be extinct by 2050 if we don't take action.

Shark Trust Lockdown Everest Challenge

James Longworth

I am 9 years old and the other day I watched a documentary about sharks. At the end of it, there was a picture of a dead Mako Shark on the bottom of the sea with its fin chopped off. So I thought if I fundraise, the Shark Trust Can Make a difference to that.

Basking Shark Fundraiser

Syaza Syazana Anwar

Helping Basking Sharks in the Northeast Atlantic.

Help Stop Shark Finning

Ruari Webb

Help stop the unjust and cruel practice of Shark Finning