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Fundraising is a fantastic way to raise vital funds and share your passion for sharks. So, if you're up for the challenge, let's DoSomeFin fun for sharks! Read more

No Limits? Campaign

Help vulnerable shark species in the Atlantic by supporting our No Limits? campaign. Let's stop uncontrolled shark fishing. Read more

Stop Shark Finning Campaign

Shark finning has for many years been a central issue in shark conservation. Find out more about the current state of affairs and what we're doing to end finning. Read more

Basking Shark Appeal

Help Basking Sharks in the Northeast Atlantic by donating to our Basking Shark Project. Read more

Great Eggcase Hunt Appeal

Our flagship citizen science project continues to expand as we welcome new recorders from around the world. Donate today and help the Great Eggcase Hunt go from strength to strength. Read more